Recycled plastic products

Did you know about the  Great Pacific garbage patch? These are five regions known as gyres. Some of these are believed to be as big as Queensland in size. We can all do our part in reducing the amount of waste, especially plastic, that we produce. Too much of it finds its way into oceans. Some Australian companies are leading the way in turning waste plastic into usable and environmentally friendly products. Here at real we deal with three such companies, eWood, Replas and Outstore. Recycled plastic materials are ideal in coastal environments where many other products do not handle the salt weather and are subject to rot


eWood is leading the way with technology that allows it to handle the process from sourcing waste all the way through to processing the waste and manufacturing new, practical products.

eWood raised garden bed kits come in a variety of sizes and are pre-drilled and supplied with stainless steel screws for easy assembly. No need to get a man to assemble this for you. An 80 year grannie can set this one up.  All you need is a Phillips Head screwdriver! The beauty of these is that they are naturally UV resistant, termite proof, tough and will not rot. They slot together in a number of formations and can be stacked for extra height and come in a huge range of sizes so there is one to fit your needs.

Pricing for complete kits

1200 x 1200 $129.90

1200 x 1000  $119.90

1200 x 600   $109.90

1200 x 300   $99.90

1000 x 1000  $109.90

1000 x 600   $99.90

1000 x 300   $89.90

600 x 600   $89.90

600 x 300  $79.90

300 x 300   $69.90

Come in and see our display or visit their site



Replas is an Australian company that has developed world leading technology to reprocess plastic waste into a range of recycled plastic products.

For more than 20 years the plastic recycling company has produced a range of over 200 products and has grown to become Australia’s leading plastic product manufacturers.

Replas has since developed world leading technologies at our plastic recycling centre to reprocess Australia’s waste into robust recycled plastic products for outdoor use. These products offer an ethical alternative to the unnecessary use of virgin materials and provide long-lasting advantages to customers.

Products include bollards, decking, fencing,furniture, signage and exercise equipment



Outstore have a range of recycled plastic products such as wicker look outdoor setting, ezi panel fencing (fencing in a box), garden sheds and out door seats with storage boxes underneath


Pop in an see how Real is supporting companies trying to help clean up our environment. We have a number of these products on display and our team is happy to talk to you to find a recycled product to suit your needs


Recycled plastic wicker look outdoor setting. Unlike real wicker, this one will not pull apart and has a much longer life span outdoors and much easier to clean