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Mushroom compost

mushroom compost

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is approx 80% straw, wood shavings, horse and fowl manure, 10% gypsum, 10% peat and limestone
A by-product of the mushroom growing trade, Mushroom Compost is rich in organic matter and manures. Excellent for soil improvement in most soil types


Potting Mix Quantities

Potting Mix is suited to a wide variety of general plant groups including indoor and outdoor use for pots, tubs, window and planter boxes.

How much Potting Mix do I need?
1/2 Wine Barrel – 90 litres
500mm (20″) pot – 40 litres
400mm (16″) pot – 30 litres
300mm (12″) pot – 20 litres
250mm (10″) pot – 10 litres
200mm (8″) pot – 5 litres
150mm (6″) pot – 2 litres
75mm (avg. tube) – 0.3 litres





Mushroom Compost