Our Services

Our Services:

At REAL we have a huge range of all garden supplies, pots, water features as wellas being able to supply

Soil                    Bird baths            Potting mixes        Large urns           Lawn mowers           Pavers

Gravel                Fountains            Bagged feriliser     1000+ pots           Zero turn mowers    Wall blocks

Sand                  Garden art           Pruners                   Vases                   Ride on mowers        Sleepers

Mulch                Ornaments          Secareurs               Glazed pots          Solar pumps             Gates

Stones               Mail boxes           Pest products         Light weight        Brush cutters           Steel mesh

Pebbles             Statues                 Garden ties             Old stone            Chain saws                Synthetic turf

Rocks                Mirrors                Plant stakes            Fish bowls          Water pumps            Screens

Scoria                Water features    Lawn seed               Bonsai pots        Solar pumps              Ag pipes

Sandstone         Wind chimes       Compost                 Pottery                Generators

Bark                   Gold fish             Pea straw               Wine barrels        Repairs

Concrete mix    Ponds                   Bonsai

Fertiliser           Furniture



Plus gift vouchers, hire equipment and we do trenching and post hole digging