Compact Pro 34

Zero Turn Mower | Gravely Compact Pro 34, Kawasaki FX Engine, $14999.00

Zero Turn Mower | Gravely Compact Pro 34, Kawasaki FX Engine, 34" Cut

The Compact-Pro is sized right.  A commercial mower with residential jobs needs to be able to manoeuvre in narrow areas or gated yards.  The flexibility this machine offers is endless.  Municipalities in urban areas, businesses with small areas of grass and the ability to manoeuvre in cemeteries between gravestones are just some of the jobs this machine excels in because the Compact-Pro is just that- compact.

Gravely Compact Pro 34, Kawasaki FX Engine, 34″ Cut

  • Smaller footprint allows more units to be transported on a trailer.
  • The Compact-Pro™ 34 can easily pass through a 34″ gate.
  • Quick-release deck lift makes it easy to change from one cutting height to the next; nine cutting heights are available in 1/2″ increments from 1 to 5 inches.
  • Adjustable flip-out control arms provide easy cockpit entry and exit with vibration isolators adding operator comfort.
  • Heavy-duty canister air cleaner allows for cleaner intake air to be delivered to the engine; this optimizes engine performance and extends engine life.

Additional Features

  • 34 inch deck size
  • Powerful Kawasaki® FX engines
  • High back seat with armrests
  • 3 Year Engine Manufacturer Warranty